Are you tired of giving 200% only to be overlooked?


Are you tired of being overlooked when it’s promotion time and when the bonuses are being handed out? Are you tired of putting yourself last in line because, “It’s what you are supposed to do?” How often have you said something in a meeting and had it brushed aside and 5 minutes later a male colleague says the same thing and is seen as a hero? Are you the senior executive woman in the office expected to bring the cake and cookies to the party? Do you feel disrespected and treated differently than your male colleagues?

Gender bias remains alive and well in our workplaces, businesses, and homes. And well, yeah, we are different than men. The reality of it is, women are treated differently than men. We have babies, we are caregivers, we are more driven by relationships than power. What I have discovered through my own journey is most of us don’t want to admit we are being treated differently. We want to believe we are treated equally and as an equal member of the team. Sadly, that’s not always how it works.

Imagine what it could be like!


What if you were able to command the respect you deserve not only from your colleagues and family, but from yourself? Take the opportunity to start treating yourself better and be a model for how you want and expect others to treat you. What can you do differently? One of the first steps is to turn down the volume of that negative inner voice and turn up the volume on your self-compassion. Ultimately you will turn up the volume on your self-respect and therefore respect by others. Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying,
“We teach others how to treat us.” Let’s start teaching something new!


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