Many of you know me as a “skinny” person, whatever that is.  The reality is, I am not a naturally skinny person and I struggle with food every day.  When I was about 9-years old, I was so embarrassed when I fell in a mud puddle while playing at a friend’s house.  The embarrassment came when the only clothes that fit me were her mother’s because I was overweight.  I’ve never told anybody about that day when I fell in a mud puddle and had to wear those adult-sized clothes as a little girl.

This was the beginning of my obsession with my weight.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really know much about what to eat or not eat and I didn’t have anybody to ask.  I wasn’t going to ask my mother.  And I wasn’t going to ask my siblings.  I was too darn embarrassed.

This fascination with my weight played out pretty much for another 30 years.  I tried fad diets that didn’t work.  I bought home exercise equipment that soon became a drying rack or dusty.  I bought gym memberships and never went.  At my heaviest I was a size 4-6 on top and 14-16 on the bottom.  I hated looking in a full-length mirror.

You might ask, “What changed, Sue?”  The answer is my relationship to food – or the fight – and most importantly my relationship with my body.   Because I know many of you continue the fight with food, I wanted to post what has been a real struggle for me and introduce you to Melissa with Karma Chow.  Melissa has created the, “7 Step Food Freedom Guide.”  Melissa has lived through the emotional eating and body image issues.  She knows our journey.  She is also the author of The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook.  Check out the recipes on her website as well as her blog.

If you are ready to stop your “Fight with Food,” connect with Melissa at: